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September 17, 2016

20160901_06142520160901_042129 After two previous trips when Interlaken was buried in clouds, we finally got to see this spectacular city, my dad’s favorite!



September 17, 2016

20160830_120322Even with no electricity, we had a delicious meal with fellow hikers.


September 17, 2016

20160831_00533420160831_002526Adding to the adventure was hiking several miles into the mountains to a remote hut. The people here host hikers, along with making lots of cheese.

Flowers everywhere

September 17, 2016


20160829_074241.jpg20160829_042341Domestic and wildflowers everywhere, including Eidelweiss.


September 17, 2016

20160828_03430920160831_054003There are almost no wild animals, just domestic cows and sheep with constant ringing bells, and an occasional unidentifiable creature.


September 17, 2016

20160830_10064120160830_072922Our favorite hikes were right in the valley.


September 17, 2016

20160830_03074920160826_112117The village is so tiny and trusting that one of the only stores is an “Honesty Shop”. You choose what you want, drop money in a can, and it’s yours.


September 17, 2016


20160902_034130_320160830_073138We came without a plan, and decided to stay in Gimmelwald hiking every day.


September 17, 2016


20160827_121138Gimmelwald was all about views and meeting fellow hikers, laughing and hearing blooper stories of paragliders and base jumpers. 100 people base jump every day in this valley.


September 17, 2016

Tim, the innkeeper told us to hurry to the top of Schilthorn while it was sunny and take the ridge trail down. Well the trail we took turned out to be super steep with loose rocks. In my mind I’m shouting, “I hate you, Rick Steves” since he mentioned this trail, too. But I’d see the beautiful vistas and say, “OK, thank you, Rick Steves.” I reread his passage later where he said, “DO NOT take this trail.” From then on we were more careful!20160830_091400.jpg