Karen People


There are so many ethnic tribes in Myanmar, and they all want to preserve their own cultures. The dictatorship wants everyone to speak Burmese and follow Burmese culture. I think about myself, how I don’t even know or care about my genealogy.  If the place I lived was unsafe, I’d leave in a minute. But for them it’s not so easy. Their land and livestock has been taken, and then there are the landmines. How do you start over with nothing? How do you live illegally where you don’t belong? Refugee camps offer some hope of resettlement, but in the meantime many adults and children wait for years and years with no opportunities.


2 Responses to “Karen People”

  1. Dick Bennett Says:

    Bob & Carol,

    Wow! What a wonderful experience!
    Especially to be guided by people that live there…what a Blessing!

    Dick Bennett

  2. Barry O'Donnell Says:

    Bob and Carol,
    Certainly looks like an adventure of care and new relationships!! Outstanding


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