Example of Mismarked ballot


Examples of past problems:

  • rural people not being able to get to voting stations,
  • vote buying,
  • picking up villagers, feeding and bribing them on the bus,
  • employers demanding employees take a cell phone picture of their ballots as proof that they voted as directed,
  • people voting more than once.

CIS has been observing voting since 1994. Their reports are taken very seriously by the government, and many improvement have been made, for example:

  • regional voting, closer to home,
  • the banning of picture taking during voting,
  • marking thumbs of voters with indelible ink to avoid  re-voting,
  • pictures of candidates for illiterate voters.Image

One Response to “Example of Mismarked ballot”

  1. hannahholt Says:

    Love the work you are doing. I got your email and hope to have a chance to look at it this week. Is that too late?

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