Our two guides carried machetes and wore cowboy hats. We wondered if they were providing security. No – as we walked, Maricio stopped and pulled a small green corn plan that had no roots. He then dug with his machete and pulled out a large pale grub that had eaten the roots. Off went its head.

Two cows grazed. They had long branches tied to their necks to prevent them from sneaking through the two strand fence. Maricio crossed a stone and wire fence, hacked at some tall grass, and threw it to them. The cows excitedly gobbled the fresh green grass.

The machete was also used on our walk to clear weeds so we could crawl under barbed wire fences. It’s an indispensible multi -use tool and many walk with them. (In Roatan the night guards wear machetes. In Honduras cities, armed guards wear pistols or shotguns outside business doors.)


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