Sand Castle Learning Center


Cam, an educator from the states, opened the Sand Castle Learning Center to give the island kids extra help in reading, English, and math. Her daughter, Patti, is conducting a project based on the work of Sugata Mitra. Please go to TED talks and search for “Hole in the Wall”. The question is, “Can technology replace teachers?” No, but in deprived areas all over the world where children are lacking good teachers, it can help!

Patti is also developing a computer interaction program with mentors from all over the world. Students choose what they’d like to learn about. They’re matched up with an expert, and away they go to learn in “Skypeland”.  For more information see

One very positive outcome of the computer lab is the way Black, Hispanic, old, young, smart, low, rich expats, and street kids all come together to learn and play. They come at 12:00 right after school and most stay till 5:00 when they’re shooed out the door.

Additionally, Kimberly tutors 48 students using “Learning Today”, a computer English program. The publisher came to see the need in Roatan and immediately donated the program to any student who wanted to learn. Kids walk in the blazing heat from miles away to take adventage of this opportunity to learn English and to have a better chance in the tourist industry.


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