Well, you can’t play the license plate game here with so few cars and all definitely local. But it would be fun to play the T shirt game. I bet I saw a T shirt from every single state – Wisconsin Badgers, Indiana University, Colorado Rockies. These are all worn by folks who haven’t a clue what their own shirt means. How about “Don’t eat yellow snow”, “What happens on spring break stays on spring break”, or “War is hell, but moving is a close second”, “The world’s longest stationary bike race”. As I looked closer, I realized that many were of cartoon characters from 30 years ago, Smurfs, Blues Clues, Tweedy bird. Where have these shirts been over the past three decades? Now many are frayed to shreds, but still serving a purpose. One nice older man had on a Christmas T shirt, the kind a kindergarten teacher would wear with a snowman and a lighted tree. One little girl had on an outfit that I swear was my sister’s Halloween clown costume forty two years ago. I wondered if this girl was the envy of her neighborhood, or if she hated putting that thing on every day. She sure looked cute!


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