The people we met are just like us in many ways. They love their children. They laugh and sing. They are smart and thoughtful. But in one glaring way we are worlds apart. I have more than I could ever want, and they have next to nothing. While I’m eating more food than I can even stand, many of them are going hungry. While I can go on shopping sprees to my heart’s content, they simply have no expendable money. While I can travel the world over, they can barely leave their villages. There is something very special about the villages – silent starry nights, no traffic, caring people, peaceful days, uncluttered by the rat race of western societies. Would I want to trade with them? No. The hunger would be too great.  The illnesses would be too overwhelming. But I hope I will remember to pray for them. I hope I will remember to support them, especially during times like these when, for many, the food is gone and they have to wait for new crops to grow.


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