It makes me shudder to see the looks on the villagers’ faces when the clear water pours out of their new well. It’s heart wrenching to look at their previous source of water – a dirty stream with cows and pigs hanging around, or a muddy pit with water the color of clay.

Speeches given by headmen are daunting. They talk about how they have waited years for clean water, about how they have been battling diarrhea all their lives, about the babies who have died. One headman said (through a translator), “Not only do we get clean water, but Mzungus have come to our village and now our children are able to see white people before they die.”

One field officer talked about how clean water impacts lives. Families who live in the cities avoid visiting grandparents in the villages, because they don’t want to expose their children to the dangerous water. Clean water is a blessing to the village, as well as to the extended family.


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