I have to drive again. It’s OK on the tarmac. It’s OK on the dirt roads even if it shakes your teeth out and makes you wonder if your spinal column is up to the task. It’s the narrow gravel slippery roads on the side of a hill that get me. It looks like the truck could roll so easily with just one slip. And it’s the boulders that look high enough to pop a gas tank or any other indispensible parts under a truck. It’s the bridges made of “twigs” that don’t look like they’d hold a person, let alone a one ton vehicle. It’s the streams and gullies. Sometimes I feel like I’m heading down a double black diamond ski hill, only the moguls are boulders. Yesterday we got stuck in the mud and the wheels were spun in deep. I was sure we would be sleeping in that truck for the night. But the workers pushed and we got out. Now Bob, on the other hand, loves the driving. He says people would pay big bucks to be able to off road like this. For him, it’s a blast.


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