On day two, I was yanking out a heavy bag of bottled water when the plastic handle let loose and I punched myself right in the eye. I saw stars and I couldn’t open my lid, it hurt so badly. My first thought was retinal detachment, since two people in my family have suffered from this. And it has to be treated immediately, or I could lose sight. What should I do? I had insurance. Call for a helicopter? This could be serious. But what if it wasn’t? It would be so embarrassing to be flown out only to be diagnosed with a new floater. So I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.  There were several times when Bob and I thought we might be in medical danger – a slight cough, is it TB? A headache, is it malaria? As I looked around at the sweet kids at the well, I saw one boy with a pussy eye almost swollen shut. He gently rubbed it. It had to be so uncomfortable. When would he see a doctor?  Would they have the right medication for him, or would he have to live with this indefinitely? One girl was shaking. Did she have malaria? Would there be medication for her, and aspirin to bring down the high fever and chills? We complain about our health care, but it’s not like this!


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