Gulu 20


We took a ten hour trip (the bus broke down) up to Gulu. (We happened to be with Harrison, the grandson of Adam West – the original Batman!)

The war there has been over for a couple of years, and Koney, the LRA rebel is deep in the Congo.  Since we know many refugee families, we wanted to see an internally displaced person’s camp. Many people are finally finding their way back to their villages to start life over.  People under the age of 23, when the war began, have only known the camp way of life: no jobs, no hope, just meager handouts from the UN and humanitarian groups. There are still many “child mothers”- these girls were abducted during the war and now have to find ways to feed their children. They have learned to sew and make crafts, and they sing, dance and do drama to teacher others about aids.


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