Barb’s family 6h


My sister, Barb funded a $2,800 brick house to save Nyanzigye and her grandchildren from their wet mud hut, and we got to meet them! Bob and I tried to tell them that it wasn’t US who got them the house, but they were grateful to US all the same. Sorry, Barb! There was clapping and cheering and praying and hugging from the crowd of women and children who heard we were coming.

The house is not as nice as yours, Barb. But it’s about six times bigger and drier than their previous residence. They don’t have to duck when they get inside, and they don’t see out through cracks in the mud. One of the bedrooms is home for their goat, since their last goat was stolen and they can’t afford to lose another one.

When we identified the two kids as Barb’s sponsored kids, we immediately decided they were the cutest of the whole bunch. We couldn’t believe it when the girl said her name was “Chelsea”. All right, it’s spelled “Kyosma”  but it’s pronounced “Chelsea”.

We visited the next day with extra supplies: 2 pans (Nyanzigye’s pans had holes in the bottom), 2 blankets, 2 hoes, cups and plates, and sandals for Nyanzigye. At about 70, she just got her first pair of shoes in March. I think it’s pretty funny that she still walked 1/4 mile with us on a muddy, stickery path barefooted. Who needs shoes when your feet are that tough!


One Response to “Barb’s family 6h”

  1. Barb Says:

    Oh my gosh – I had not caught up wth your webite until today and had not read this until now (although you had told me in an email). I am SO EXCITED you got to meet my family and I can’t wait for pictures and the video of the house opening. I’m so glad you brought a little of our Waffle love to that side of the world for us :).

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