Kampala, Uganda B


Today Herb, Ellen, Bob and I drove through the Kampala African market, a huge conglomeration of fruits, vegetables, hardware, chickens, and hundreds of tiny shops each specializing in their own things. We came looking for, you’ll never guess, chicken guts. Thousands of people and cars created nearly impossible traffic. It was like being on a roller coaster – dozens of near misses and assertive merging – no stop signs or traffic signals. You basically just barge in!

Then it was on to a poor village. There were rows and rows of little two room structures and roadside stands where people try to eek out a living. The earth is red clay and when a car goes by a cloud of dust blasts into our window. The glory of the red earth is that bricks can be easily made.  Put that clay in a mold, stack them into a huge mound, make a fire in the inside, and kiln heat them for 4 days. Then you have what it takes to make a tiny brick home.

Herb and Ellen wanted to show us their catfish farm, used to show locals how to grow and sell their own fish.  Chicken guts were the feed.

Too much to tell. It’s all fascinating! Love you!


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