Friday, August 7 The Beginning A


Can you believe that frequent flyer miles somehow got me business class all the way to Entebbe, Uganda? Well, not Bob, just me! The gated guest house was very nice. The mosquito net hanging from the ceiling gave the bed a royal look. (Even though we don’t see any mosquitoes, we wear 95% Deet and take Malaria pills daily.) A sweet two year old girl in a dress greeted us. She passed the time walking back and forth on top of an 8 foot wall with a broom she could hardly lift.  No one seemed to worry about a fall.

We woke to exotic sounding birds and locally grown sweet pineapple. Herb and Ellen run the guest house. Herb’s father was a missionary, so he was born and raised in the Congo. He met Ellen at Moody Bible. They have stories to tell and speak the local language fluently.

You wouldn’t recognize me in a long skirt, but jeans or even capris would be too shocking here!

We miss you!

Herb and Ellen

Herb and Ellen


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