Today we took a long hike up snow packed mountain trails.  There are elk and mule deer everywhere..in the woods, on city sidewalks, on our driveway, crossing streets.   Bob bikes into the mountains every day. (I prefer flatland or downhill only biking.)  Does something tell you we’re not in Israel anymore?  What can I say.  I got homesick for family and friends.  My siblings were having a reunion without me and I just couldn’t stand it.  We spent a great few days with Chelsea, a great couple of weeks with Kay and Arnie, and were able to visit lots of family and friends.  Now we are living in a little house in the mountains of Estes Park, Colorado.  It’s like living in a picture postcard!  We have already babysat for Tim and Sarah for five days and get to see Matt often. (No, not their baby, their dog!)

Remember the “what is it” sign?  Two people guessed right.  “No paddleballing on the beach”.

Is anyone still out there reading this, or did you give up on us? Please send a quick comment.  We’d love to hear from you!


5 Responses to “Hello!”

  1. jane litzenberg Says:

    Welcome home!! Your blog has been fabulous…sorry I last checked it at the beginning of the school year and found out you were awaiting your first grandbaby! Congratulations, how very wonderful. It has been fun adventuring with you and I can only imagine the number of lives you touched along the way. Be sure to send new adress info and keep us posted on colorodo adventures. Enjoy! love, Jane

  2. Jackie Says:

    HI Carolyn,
    I hadn’t looked at your site in weeks. I heard you were back. I decided to look at it today before I deleted it. I need to start filling out my conference forms. Do you remember what those are? Have you heard what’s been happening at S.B.? Glad to hear you’re back home safely and enjoying CO.
    Take care,

  3. Nancy Says:

    Hi Carol and Bob!

    I’ve opened your blog several times just to see if you were continuing with pics of Elk, etc, but wasn’t paying attention… since I always saw your Isreal pics, I didn’t read to see you made the verbal transition… I’m so glad you are home and have a quaint a frame in the mtns and close to family! ENJOY!

  4. Sarah Says:

    Welcome to Colorado!

  5. Donna Says:

    Just had a chance to check in and see what you were up to… Do keep up the information… even if it is just every now and then..

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