We visited a new Mar Elias School near Mt. Tabor yesterday.  Then we went to the Mount of the Transfiguration with a young teacher, her husband, and their happy, giggly baby.  It was tough enough getting to the top by car. I can’t imagine walking all the way up!

We fell in love with five sweet teenage girls. They asked us a number of questions about love and romance and thought it was cute that such an old couple could still be so much in love!

The Mediterrean Sea is only 45 minutes away by bus and I beg Bob to take me there every chance we get.  The beach is beautiful!

I have lost on the card playing front.  Bob found a kindred spirit who loves Rack Rummy as much as he does. So now I have to tolerate playing that quiet, thoughtful game instead of my favorite good old rousing game of spoons!

I have been treated like a queen for one month now and I am growing to like it, especially the delicious meal served every day.  By the time I get back I’ll be so spoiled that you won’t be able to stand me!

Oh, by the way, the scorpion was not in our room, but in the kitchen at the other end of the building.  I just want to know if they travel in groups!

We love you all!


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