We stayed in the old city of Jerusalem for six days.  The maps measure it in yards, (or should I say meters), not miles.  Stone walled streets ramble everywhere through the four quarters.  Building are tightly packed.  As we walked from one quarter to another, we went from one culture to the next.  The Fransciscan monks lead the stations of the cross with hymns and prayers.  It sounds peaceful until you add all the surrounding commotion…monks singing, Muslims chanting calls to prayer, our group of 50 jockeying through crowds in the busy Muslim market streets, a man on a donkey pushing right through the middle, street venders calling out, trying to sell their wares.  Many of you know that I have an extreme aversion to museums and tours.  Well, Jerusalem is kind of like living in a museum, stimulation overload.  But I learned to appreciate it.  The people- watching is totally fascinating. A miracle happened here.  We went on a city tour and I LOVED it!  The 80 year old Billy Crystal-like guide was knowledgable about history and hilarious, as well. Sister Barb, you will be happy to know that we spent 2 days with 2 awesome young Carolinians! We hope to visit Jeruslaem again, as well as other Holy Land sights.

We are enjoying our time with the students.  They are smart, insightful and fun.  The teachers bring out the best in their students and welcome us into their classrooms.  Today we vistied High School as well as Elementary and Middle School – the whole range.  We have been invited to six teachers’ homes.

At night we continue to enjoy playing cards.  “Spoons” was a big hit last night.  We even called brother Al for rules to Gin Rummy.  Tonight I plan to introduce “Peanuts” with my own special rules!

We miss you and love hearing news from home. Thanks!

One Response to “Jerusalem”

  1. Garry Says:

    Thanks for your very special emails(blog) Sounds like you are having a very special time. This is a change in a lifetime and it’s great to see you are taking advantage of it. Thanks again. Dad

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