We Are So Happy


We are now in Jerusalem and feel like we have reached the very center of the earth.  But how can we talk about that when we have more exciting things to say.  We told ourselves that we would travel until we became grandparents, and now we find that that will be soon!  Tim and Sarah are due in February.  When we heard the news we were just so thrilled.  All we wanted to do was find babies to look at and shop for useless baby items like tiny laderhausen shorts.  As grandparents we felt justified in resting more and getting lost and getting more cantancerous.  We know that Sarah and Tim will be awesome playful and caring parents.  I keep picturing Sarah taking such good care of their little one.  She will teach jr. or jrette to take the time for important things like friendships and family.  She learned all of this from her wonderful mom.  I picture baby hands hugging Tim’s neck and it makes me smile.  He has always loved babies and children and will be a natural as a dad.  He will keep the fun in life.  He learned that from his dad.  We will be in Colorado to do the spoiling.  I know that Bob will teach baby to make raspberry noises and later to perform the take your thumb off trick, (a trick that he has performed with great success for children in Europe and Israel).  I hope that Tim and Sarah won’t be sorry that we live so close by, but we will try to behave ourselves.

We begin assisting in the high school English classes on Monday. Maybe we will even share the blog with them! 

Well, time to take out our teeth and settle in for another nap!

Love to all!


6 Responses to “We Are So Happy”

  1. Jeanne and Dave Says:

    Yeah!! We are not the only old gram and gramps. You will be wonderful playful additions to this baby’s life. How awesome! But I must remind you that we will get to hold our little guy first. Did I tell you that his name will be Nolan David? 8 weeks and counting.
    We miss you guys so much it even distracts us from being too jealous as we see all of these beautiful pics.
    Also the lump on my spine turnes out to be an insanely huge bone spur. Something to watch but no CA. Thank-you God.
    Love and prayers, Jeanne and Dave

  2. Tom Says:

    Congradulations (to all involved) on the upcoming grandchild. Donna and I just helped Kate celegrate her 1st birthday and then cared for her for several days while Meg went to a wedding. Everything went well until Kate got hives, and it has been suggested that she is allergic to us. Make a note, as grandparents try not to become allergic to your grandkid!! We have some good news too, Brendan is back in country again. All is well. Keep having a great time.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Moose and I already “fight” over sitting with Tim- just wait til there’s one more in the mix :).
    We are very excited to have you as the grandparents- we’re already planning out all the fun times and adventures the peanut will have with you! Going for hikes and to the parks and shows and sleepovers and the zoo and for bike rides and picnics and hang gliding rides… wait, scratch the hang gliding, at least for a few years.
    It was so great to be able to talk to you while you were in Jerusalem (thanks for calling back)- it has always seemed a fascinating place to visit.
    I hope you guys have a great time at the school, and continue meeting open and warm people.

  4. Sue W. Says:

    So that was the reason you went to Europe, so that you could have a grandchild. Well it worked didn’t it? I continually look at this Blog to see where you guys are, and to read your wonderful writing Carol….
    I love what you are doing, You and Bob are dedicated individuals and contribute so much to those in need. I’m so glad you are having fun!
    Put your babushka on and do a dance with Bob in the privacy of your quarters pinch him goodnight love you! Sue

  5. Eileen Says:

    Congratulations….I know how you have waited to hear those words!! Now you have to come back to Naperville with the baby so we can relive our baby rearing years together! I know I am very tardy catching up with your blog, but it is so delightful to read about your travels. Bob’s photos are unbelievable! Have fun and be safe…Love and Hugs…Eileen

  6. Ashley Leezer Says:

    Congrats Grandparents! We will be having our babies very close together… how exciting?!? That is great news.

    It looks like you two are having a wonderful time. Keep posting pictures… they are beautiful.

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