Italian Dolomites


Italian Dolomites, originally uploaded by zzzwafffles.

We spent the afternoon picniking with this view. To get here we took a chairlift that was across from our campsite and walked for about 90 minutes. Many families were up here doing the same thing.


3 Responses to “Italian Dolomites”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    These photos are BREATHTAKING!! You are on quite a trip!! I love your excitement to be cozy in a tent! I will imagine myself camping with you this weekend!


  2. Lura Says:

    This picture is breathtaking! Reading your wonderful adventures makes me feel like I’m right there with you. Carolyn, your style of writing is so entertaining. Instead of lesson planning, now you should write a book! You guys are the perfect couple to be interacting with the locals even if you don’t know their language. I expect your faces and demeanor reflect peace and friendship to whomever you meet. Thanks for including us in your travels and keep up the wonderful travelog.
    I miss you guys,
    Love, Lura
    P.S. sending email also

  3. Sal Caccavale Says:

    Bob and Carol:

    Looks like you guys hare having a great time on your trip of a lifetime! Enjoy every moment for what’s it worth. Keep on sending the beautiful pictures. Have fun, stay safe and may our lord watch over you guys!


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