Funny that Sue and Nancy sould mention us sneaking around in ritzy hotels.  We stayed in a 4 star last night and now we are totally busted!  We appreciated the pillows and mattress and stuffed ourselves on the breakfast buffet.  We watched TV for the first time in 25 days.  Now we have had our fill of luxury livig and its back to Big Agnes, our tent.  It is a 3 man tent to allow for company so you can still join us!  We are snug with our backpacks sitting in as man 3.  You can lay there in a downpour and marvel that the only thing keeping you perfectly dry and free from hypothermia is that thin nylon ceiling!  We have certainly progressed from the olden days when we would wake up sopping wet surrounded by puddles.  We are much too old for that now! When it gets cold I can cinch my mummy bag hood over my head so all that is exposed is my snout.  So, no mints on the pillows, no room service because food is strictly verboten in the tent.  I keep my chocolate right outside.  One of our mattresses has a leak so I keep switching them when Bob isnt looking.  We doze to the sounds of babies crying, dogs barking, teens laughing and all kinds of languages that we dont understand..a real community feeling.  No cleaning, no cooking, no makeup, no do,  no annoying clothing choices sinces we just have a few quick dry clothes.  We love traveling this way! 

One Response to “Accomodations”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Ha ha, We caught you! Glad you got it out of your system and are back to travelling the way you enjoy most! And it IS incredible that a tent can keep you so warm and dry – and nothing like falling asleep to and waking up to the sounds of the outdoors! And I’ve thought of you often in your fun adventures and new lifestyle… and thought about how you have no cleaning, cooking, etc… but the clothing choices I didn’t think of until you mentioned it. Nice! Keep on enjoying each moment! Love you, Nancy

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