Its a rainy cold coudy day in Innsbrook.  I stayed curled in my bag until noon.  The only way Bob could coax me out was with the promise of a Burger King Whooper.  Now isnt that perfectly pitiful!  We are having fun.  Bob is a perfect traveling companion and soul mate!

I have begun reading the book “We Belong to the Land” in preparation for our volunteering in Israel.     I really admire  this holy man, Abuna Chacour.  We head there on the 29th.

Love you all!


3 Responses to “Innsbrook”

  1. Sue W. Says:

    I guess a Burger King Whopper would be real comfort food to you now…you must be trying out all kinds of different food there. I try to picture where you are sleeping what the surroundings are there and with your writing it helps us all to see when you are being the tourist but, I want to see a picture of your camp (accomadations) or are you fooling us all and staying at the Ritz! haha Love, Sister Sue P.S. Bob keep pinching her even if you aren’t in Italy, I think she likes it…

  2. Nancy Says:

    When it’s damp and cool there’s nothing like snuggling in a sleeping bag. Hope your whopper didn’t disappoint you… and yes, Sue we want proof that they are really roughing it! They just might be watching cable and eating bonbons and taking long hot showers and just writing of camping…

    Great blog, keep it up! and stay dry and warm. Love you, Nancy

  3. Amor Monjes Says:

    HI there!!! It’s me!! Well…today is our first day back at work. Of course, you know the Calgary Church routines, busses for us like we were cattle, luncheon by Kim and Josh Dolan, and then meetings galore! You don’t miss it, do you? I just started reading your blogs. They are hilarious and you have given me something to look forward to reading when I have free moments in my classroom!!! Nancy Verdun and my classes are small 22 and 23 per session. It is SOOOO hot in our bldg and we look forward to cramming ourselves in the computer lab just to meet in an air conditioned room. By the way, we now have a guilt-free way of asking for substitutes!!! The district is doing something called AESOP which individuals are responsible for logging in and requesting for a sub and there is no need anymore to call the principal and you are guaranteed a sub after you receive confirmation in seconds from AESOP!! No need to pretend that our voices sound like we have a cold, stuffed noses, etc. We can even type in our lesson plans as an attachment for the sub to read once the sub is notified. Pretty cool. I am planning my first day off already…hehehe and what do you think about having my kdgs have a sub on Monday, their first day of school? HAHAHA! NOT!

    Well, I hope to hear from you. Email me at school if and when you can. I miss you and Kim, my buddies at school.

    Cyndi had foot surgery so she is STILL on crutches! Maybe Barb C. will still be our Kronos Fairy, you think???

    Till later!

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