The mountains in Cortina DeAmpezzo are spectacular.  We loved watching the clouds roll in and after we rode to the top of the gondola. (You would have loved that ride, Kay!) Matt and Tim, you would love the mountain bike trails!  Afterwards we watched all the high class people modeling their latest Italian styles and walking their fashionable dogs in the Aspen like town.

We love meeting new people but havent for a while.  We walked out of church and a sweet smiley old lady came right up to us.  We told her we didnt understand her.  But she didnt care.  She took my hands and passionately told us what we think was her whole life story.  Then she hugged me and was gone!

In Innsbrook, we joined a free guided hike and spent the day with 20 hikers and 2 guides.  We walked silently up the mountain.  These people just have no idea how much I like to talk!  At lunch, halfway up the mountain, we had an authentic Tyrolian soup with a big ball in the middle with exactly what you stuff veal birds with.  So you would have loved, it Dad! We had such a fun conversation with several medical students from India, China and Sweden, along with others from France and Spain. We covered everything from the genome project to the continental drift!

Chelsea, we saw many belled cows and we didnt even make any cry!

Love you all!


One Response to “Cortina”

  1. Donna Says:

    Your hike had to be fabulous! I love that area. The views are awesome!

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