Camping almost every night and frequenting grocery stores has really helped on the financial end.  So our kids shouldnt have to worry about us writing home begging from money.  We cant spend on souveniors or wed have to carry them.  So I hope youre not expecting anything!  The funny thing about not being able to buy stuff is that you develop an obsession for buying something.  Bob has decided he just has to have string.  I HAVE to have a pair of capris.  Since you can show just about anything in Europe except your knees.  I bought a perfectly awful skirt.  So now I just HAVE to have a babuska.

We booked an overnight train to Venice, since you cant camp on water.  But we vowed to never do that again.  We are too old to pull all nighters.  Venice, of course, is awesome.  But its time to hit the Dolomites.  (Thanks, Tom W.)  We took a train to Longomore and were told about a bus that would take us to our destination.  So its 400, were standing who knows where waiting for a bus.  Any bets on whether the bus comes?  Stay tuned for the next exciting episode!…

No, the bus did not come. (Actually there was a hotel right there.)  But people are so good.  A wonderful couple offered us a 20 mile ride to our site since they were headed that way. 

the dolomites are magnificent.  We really enjoy our daylong hikes.  Rain is always a risk.  Its a bit unnerving to see that they put little awnings over the flowers to protect them from too much rain!  Food is a bit of a mystery.  I asked a guy what the cheese like substance was and he said “mice”.  Any guesses on what it was?

At the campsite there are continual competitions…volleyball, soccer,, egg tosses, complete with Lassie and Opie. But we havent made any friends.  Its tough to carry on a meaningful conversation when the only words we know are Areviderchi, grazie, chow, and prego.  And we arent sure what they mean so we are afraid to use them.

You are the only friends we have and we so appreciate your checking in and keeping in touch!


2 Responses to “Dolomites”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Actually, “mice” is corn. So helpful to work with an Italian. So, you’re totally safe in eating it.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Prego can be used as “Please” and “You’re Welcome”, depending on the context.
    Ciao is “Hello”, when you arrive somewhere, or “Goodbye”, when you leave somewhere. Basically, Anna says you can use it anytime.
    Arrivederci means “See you later” or “I’ll see you again.”
    Grazie means “thank you”.
    – translations courtesy of Anna Brandis 🙂

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