We have been to Dubrovnic.  The walled city has wide marble streets and was untouched by Nepolean, Hitler, but not the Serbs.  But it is beautiful none the less. We are now on a little island, Korcula, taking it easy.  We have stayed here for three whole days.  A new record.  We take a walk to the beach every day. We are now actually in a bar filled with town people who just had a huge fish fest with all kinds of food…great.  Food tastes so much better now that I am not asking what it is. We rented a kayak today. 

Sunday comes the Medjugorje Triatholon.  We will be taking a bus, then a ferry, then a bus, then a ferry, and then a bus there, with two full packs each.  We are now at the Jurjovec campsite.  Or should I say Youryovich.  The Jurjovecs run the town.  It is fun and relaxing.  We miss you!!


2 Responses to “Croatia”

  1. Jay and Georgia Baum Says:

    Hi Bob and Carol! Jenneine shared your site with us…we are living vicariously through your travels! The pictures are breathtaking, and you are obviously having the time of your lives. We are thankful that you have this opportunity to experience so much. Bob, didn’t you ever learn in Kindergarten to “keep your hands to yourself!” 🙂 Enjoy yourselves! Love, Jay and Georgia

  2. Donna Says:

    Have just caught up on your last few posts. Love your discriptions of life along the way… Keep having the time of your life. Miss you!

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