Its self improvement time.  I am working on eliminating the phrase  I dont know   from my vocabulary.  It started years ago when I figured out that I would get out of work with it.  Like when Bob said   where is the ketchup.  If I said   I dont know   I wouldnt have to get it.  But now its    Which way should I turn… I dont know.   What are you eating…I dont know.   What did he say…I dont know.  Where are the quotation marks…I dont know.  So now Im learning to make things up, even when I dont know.  We will see how that works.

Do you believe we are now on a bus riding down the amazing 4 hour coastline to Dubrovnic.  Remember how I told you about imposing buses on narrow cliffs.  Now WE are the bus.  We miss the Fiat.  Bob liked flicking out the key like a switchblade and humming the West Side Story Jets song.  I liked that I could put a hard rock nectarine on the hot locked car all day and at night it would be so juicy.

We took an 8 hour bus ride to visit Semsa, Senad, Mula, Denis and Sheila in Serajevo.  It is so heartbreaking to see what tragedies war causes.  Almost everyone has lost a family member.  How do you ever recover from that.  But they are.  You see bullet holes in many buildings.  But nice new construction is going on everywhere.  Everyone is walking, sitting, talking, laughing.  The people are so friendly.  They would do anything for you.  Semsa and Senad housed us, fed us, fed us, showed us the town.  It was so great  to be with them.  Their kids kept us laughing.  Then it was an 8 hour bus ride back to Split.  We arrived at 345 a.m..  So we schlepped our tent and stuff to a dock bench and waited for the sun. 

Remember the old book  Europe on $10 a day.  Now its internet on $10 day.  But its priceless.  For those of you who dread posting comments, we check our emails too and love to hear from you!

One Response to “Croatia”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hi Carol- You’re writing is so funny! And what’s wrong with not knowing? If you start to get really good at making answers up and people start to actually believe you, then I’ll have to take lessons from you. 😉 That’s great that you got to visit with Semsa’s family. Keep on adventuring! Love, Sarah

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