Cinque Terre


The campsite we found is wonderful.  We actually had the best swordfish weve ever had right here at the camp restaurant.  We met a wonderful couple from Holland, a lawyer and a judge, and have had great conversations.   Cinque Terre Day    We had been advised to take the hike in two days, but we feel strong and hardy and want the challenge of a one day sprint.  I had expected five tourist trap towns and was impressed to see that most of it was hiking on a respectably rugged path for one or two hours between very quaint and beautiful towns.  They were up on cliffs with houses propped on the ledges overlooking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.  The views were spectacular.  We stopped to swim in the clear blue water after successfully conquering four of the five towns.  And then we inadvertently took the scenic route.  We followed the red and white path markings, not knowing that these markings represented a number of varied paths.  So now we are wandering deeper and deeper into the hills and valleys and saying  Why are we the only ones out here?  Its a good thing we were alone, because Bob had planned to go up to the next American tourist and say in his convincing accent  Scuzi, may ve valk vit you.  Ve vant to practice our Inglish.  We saw acres and acres of Tuscany olive groves an vinyards.  We walked our legs off from 1000 until 2200.  As Bob and Daniel Boone say We werent lost, just a might bewildered for a few hours. 

I didnàt know if I would like Florence since I donàt like museums.  At first we were caught in traffic in the big city.  But once we got to Michaelangelo Piazza and watched the sunset over the Arno River (thanks, Arnie) we loved it.  We sat and listened to accordians and an acoustic singer on the bridge.  Not to be outdone by romantic Italians, BoB did his own rendition of Oh Sala Mia!


3 Responses to “Cinque Terre”

  1. Barb Cannan Says:

    Dear Carolyn and Bob,
    You are real troopers. I wonder how far you have walked so far. Have you crossed between countries walking? The weather in Naperville is good. Stay safe.
    PS Allison resigned yesterday.

  2. Jen Malone Priest Says:

    Enjoying gelato while watching the sunset from Piazza Michelangelo is one of my favorite memories from our family trip to Florence.

    Grazie per scrittura! Amo le fotografie anche!

  3. Jeanine Buishas Says:

    Oh, Cinque Terra is one of my favorite places on Earth! Your trip sounds amazing….a new adventure every day. Enjoy!

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