We rented a little 5 speed deisel Fiat and headed to Arona, Italy.  Online I just booked the cheapest hotel I could find outside of Milan.  What a surprise to find it in a quaint little town on a big lake backdropped by beautiful mountains.  Kay and Arnie showed us how to vacation in style and we loved it.  Now we have to take it down a few notches.  Our hotel is nothing to write home about.  We were rudely awakened at 6:00 a.m. by the crashing sound of tons of glass being dumped into recycling trucks.  At 8:00 we were awakened by church bells right next door being played badly by alter boys.  Our plan was to head south to the famous Cinque Terre.  But the Italian Alps were right there and so close, calling us.  So we changed our plans.  We have awesome pictures of stone shingled roofs in the mountains.  (Is that the Domomites, Tom?)  My heart was in my throat as we wound around blind curves, but it was beautiful.  We headed back.  Then we saw it – a McDonalds sign.  Suddenly we just had to have a quarter pounder!  We have spent way too much time searching for the McDonalds.  There are signs everywhere, but no real thing.  McDonalds has caused us to get seriously lost, almost to the point of never finding our tent again.  What is wrong with us!  We dont normally even like McDonalds!

Oh I forgot to tell you that Bob was chosen to dance hand in hand with the Greek “Trinity dancer” in Santorini.  He impressed us all.  I thought he would last a minute.  But he kept up the squat kicking and tapping for several minutes.  I am sorry that I didnt get any pictures.  I was laughing too hard.  But I am sure you can imagine it just fine!

(Matt, how is it that there are 732 views.  How is that possible?)



7 Responses to “Italy”

  1. Big Al Says:

    Bob & Carol,
    I’ve finally gotten a chance to visit the blog–it is, as so many have already said, a great idea. The photos from Greece were spectacular–I’m waiting for the one of Bob dancing. Now you’re in Italy–bene! Enjoy the food and the people. Carol, it’s your turn to dance with some of the Italian men! Che fa!
    Arrivaderci amici cari, e buona fortuna!

  2. Sue Waffle Says:

    You guys know how to live! So much fun to read your emails, Carol, and your feelings about where and what you are doing…
    I absolutely love that picture of you with Kay and Arnie by the windmills having dinner. And what a good writer you are. thanks for sharing sister! Sue

  3. Jim & Peggy Says:

    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time! Sorry about the early rising though. Keep the pictures coming! Feels like we’re there with you. Thank you for taking us along.

  4. Donna Says:

    love this… If I can’t get to the site every day I can still get the feel for your travels through the pictures and writing… I agree with Sue, you are a good writer… Keep having fun! Donna

  5. Beth Says:

    Wow, you guys are my idols! I want to retire like you are!! Sounds like an amazing time, beautiful locations and great friends! What a wonderful site to look at!

    I agree, keep having fun! Beth

  6. Tom Says:

    Bob dancing? Being Doubting Tom, I won’t belive it unless I can see it! (Bob, you’re setting a bad precident!) Uh, I went to a McDonald’s today too!!

  7. Nancy Says:

    Great job on the blog! It’s like being there with you! and it’s also like getting your Christmas letter every day! You ARE a great writer! I’m glad Bob got to show off his dancing skills! KEEP ENJOYING!!!

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