Hello All


I guess we’d better get started on this trip.  People in Naperville have been saying “Are you guys still here!”  All of our possessions are wrapped up into 225 tidy boxes with a few pieces of furniture.  We are free of a house.  We traded in our bogus movers for a seemingly reliable company and our stuff goes in Colorado storage next week.  Thanks to all of you who have helped us out of the moving mess!  We wanted to get as trim as Kay and Arnie for Greece.  But we had to finish off all the food in our house before we left!

We enjoyed Dan and Nan’s delicious corn salsa and fresh raspberries for our first trip meal.  We hoped to see fireworks from the sky, but it figures that we flew over Canada! 

So here we are on  our Dublin, Ireland layover.  We caught a bus into the city center to go windowshopping and people watching in the drizzling rain.

OK so now we are in Greece.  We have met up with Kay and Arnie.  We walked around the Acropolis area eating feta cheese and chocolate crepes.   It is warm and balmy.  People are everywhere and music is playing.  It’s way past my bedtime, but what a way to go! Tomorrow we hit the ferries and the islands.  Please keep in touch!


8 Responses to “Hello All”

  1. Barb Says:

    Wow! I am so impressed! The Roses meet high-tech… I am in awe of your website and blogs, I’m guessing Matt had a little helping hand getting you started. Looks fantastic! And I can’t wait to travel vicariously thru you just as your friends mentioned as well.

    Have a wonderful time and safe travels! Hi to Kay and Arnie too!

    Love you,

    p.s. Is the misspelling of “WECOME to our weblog” at the top of the page intentional or with a Chinese accent or something? 🙂

  2. Nancy Says:

    Greetings! Glad to hear you are “safe and sound” and beginning your fun adventures! and that you have met up with Kay and Arnie! Thanks for keeping in touch! ENJOY!

  3. Sarah Says:

    All this talk of good food is making me hungry! This blog is a great idea- can’t wait to read about the next adventures!

  4. Tim Says:

    Hello! Well, the adventure begins. It was great to see you guys and I hope you have tons of fun. It sounds like it is going nicely so far. This Blog was a great idea. We are going camping this weekend, can’t wait. Enjoy Yourselves!


  5. Lura Says:

    Hi Roses!
    Loved the family picture. You guys all look so relaxed and peaceful…ahhh!
    How is Greece? Carol, check your email.
    Have a wonderful and safe trip.

  6. Hogar San Roque Says:

    While we are very, very cold here because we are in winter time we are enjoying your picture. How beautiful are the places you are visiting. The children like those picture. Thanks to share your happiness with us. God bless you always.

    Sister Norma and Children

  7. Nancy O Says:

    I just found your blog site, was buried in all my school papers. Oh the places you going to…how absolutely beautiful! I enjoy reading about your adventures-you people should really write a book, then Carolyn I could read it while I follow your route! God bless!

  8. Kristine Says:

    Hi Carolyn!
    Your pictures are breath taking! I also have news to share…we will be adding an addition to our clan this December! It was one last try for a girl, but I guess I am destine to be a mother of boys! Take Care it looks like you are having a wonderful time! Kristine

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